Principle Dedup Architect (669261)

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Santa Clara CA
Posted 1 year ago

• Design and development in enterprise storage pool and distributed storage pool for the whole storage product line that serves data seamlessly, efficient and securely, with high performance.
• Responsible to nail down the technical strategy of pool to support the rapidly growing storage product line in various possible areas, such as, the traditional disk array, the distributed file/block/object product and so on.
• Provide technical guidance on disruptive technologies and grey areas, identify product and technology pain points, and resolve conflict.
• Research, analyze, and identify external companies and open source projects competing in and influencing the data management space.
• Track academic research as well as recent industry advances and recommend approaches to drive greater effectiveness in engineering, which improve upon and modernize the company’s capabilities.
• Provide highly technical pieces of code – or early reference/ sample code – that can enable an initiative of the future and advance Huawei’ competitive advantage.
• While this role is predominantly an Individual Contributor role, the incumbent may directly or indirectly provide direction to a larger set of teams across multiple product or service areas or within a large and complex product.

Required Qualifications, skills, experiences, and education:
• Must Have knowledge base:
       Deduplication, compression and compaction, snapshot, replication, etc.
       Garbage collection, write amplification,
       metadata layout and transaction
• Master’s degree or higher in Computer Science or Equivalent
• 12+ years of relevant engineering experience
• Good knowledge in overall storage pool, in areas such as, but not limited to:
• HDD, SSD, SCM, RAID/EC, distributed storage, block storage
• Multiple years developing in C/C++.
• A domain expert, excellent coding and analytical skills.
• Excellent ability to think at the system level to enable identification and remediation of product issues that may have business impact.
• Expert experience in design for high performance, reliability, scalability and simplicity.
• Strong system development experience on Linux.
• Good understanding in Linux Kernel mechanism like schedule, memory management would be preferred.
• Strong communication and data presentation skills
• Strong problem solving ability.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and team player. 

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DurationUntil 26-Apr-2019

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